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Series 403.3.1AR - Hiring Bus Drivers

Adopted: April 1981
Revised: August 2015

1. Interview and Training Process

1.1 The Transportation Department receives applications, conducts preliminary interviews, checks the applicant’s driving record and references.

1.2 If the results of 1.1 are satisfactory, the applicant will be interviewed by the coordinator of transportation or designee.

1.3 If the results of the interview with the coordinator of transportation or designee are satisfactory, a district background check, physical and drug and alcohol screen will be conducted. Applicants without a Class B Minnesota driver’s license with school bus endorsement will be required to complete the following:

1.3.1 Obtain a Minnesota Class B driver’s permit. (The district will provide the application with the appropriate State of Minnesota Driving Regulations and Licensing Requirements.);

1.3.2 Obtain a Minnesota school bus endorsement. (The district will provide the applicant with the State of Minnesota Summary of Laws and Rules for Operation of School Buses.);

1.3.3 Classroom instruction as provided by the District 196 Transportation Department;

1.3.4 Behind-the-wheel training as provided by the District 196 Transportation Department, and

1.3.5 Take the Minnesota behind-the-wheel driving test in a school bus.

1.4 Applicants who successfully complete sections 1.1-1.3 above may be hired.

2. Probation

2.1 The driver may ride with an experienced bus driver the first time they go on a route.

2.2 The driver may drive a route the second time with an experienced bus driver on the bus.

2.3 The driver must complete required training sessions within the first 90 days of employment.

2.4 At the end of the driver’s first 90 days on the job, the driver will meet with the coordinator of transportation or designee.