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Series 403 - Support Employees (Building Chiefs, Bus Drivers, Chaperones, Crossing Guards, Clerical, Custodians, Food Service, Laundry, Mechanics)

1. Selection and Assignment - The superintendent shall establish written procedures for selection and assignment of classified personnel which assure compliance with board policy, written master agreements and affirmative action.  The superintendent shall establish written procedures for transfer and temporary assignment. 

2. Evaluation

2.1 District 196 believes every employee is valuable to the organization and deserves to be recognized and encouraged to grow in his or her work. 

2.2 The purpose of evaluation is to provide for the professional growth and personal development of each employee.  The emphasis is on performance improvement, and professional and personal development of the employee. 

2.2.1 Supervisors shall work with each employee in a supportive environment to identify performance strengths and areas for improvement. The evaluation process shall be continuous, constructive and cooperative between the employee and supervisor. Each employee in a new position or in a position new to that employee shall be oriented to the position as soon as possible. Supervisors shall regularly provide informal feedback to each employee about the employee's performance. The performance of every employee shall be formally reviewed during their probationary period, within one year of their initial orientation and at least once every two years after that with the exceptions noted in regulation 403.1.1AR. The process shall encourage a collaborative atmosphere. 

2.2.2 Evaluation should result in the improvement of services and programs to students, staff and the public.

3.     Bus Drivers - All bus drivers must meet state and district standards, including possession of a valid Minnesota Class B drivers license with a school bus endorsement.