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Series 101 - District 196 Mission and Beliefs

Adopted May 1983
Revised December 2011

  1. Mission Statement – Educating our students to reach their full potential 
  2. Beliefs Statements – We believe 

2.1 Students come first 

2.2 All students can learn 

2.3 High expectations inspire students and staff to excel 

2.4 Learning is maximized in a safe, respectful and inclusive environment 

2.5 A well-rounded education includes opportunities in academics, the arts and athletics 

2.6 Learning is a lifelong pursuit 

2.7 Effective management of resources is critical 

2.8 Partnerships and collaboration enhance educational programming 

2.9 A culture of innovation and continuous improvement prepares students to be college and/or career ready 

2.10 An informed and engaged community guides effective decision-making