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District to resume use of Zoom videoconferencing platform

Last Friday, we asked teachers to not use Zoom videoconferencing with groups of students this week, to allow time for staff to review the Zoom and Google Meet platforms. No other free or fee-based solutions were considered due to the additional time that would be required to implement.  

Zoom and Google Meet both have certain advantages, but neither is perfect. Based on the addition of new safety and security improvements, the benefit of key features and our familiarity with the system, the district has decided to continue using Zoom as its videoconferencing tool during distance learning. High school students and teachers will continue to have access to Google Meet, in addition to Zoom.

With this decision, the district is also implementing new protocols and guidelines for securing Zoom meetings. Key changes include the following:

  • A new security icon on the meeting toolbar that gives the host the ability to easily change security settings during the meeting.
  • Passwords are now required for a Zoom meeting. 
  • The Waiting Room is now enabled automatically.
  • Teachers are prompted to install updates to ensure maximum security.
  • Teachers will initiate meetings and invite students to join by either clicking on a link or entering the meeting ID number and password.
  • We are asking that students log out of the Zoom app on their iPad and not log back in. (Note: The app will remain on the iPad in order for Zoom to function).

If a parent does not want their child to participate in Zoom videoconferencing, they should contact their child’s teacher for alternate arrangements. For more information, visit our distance learning pages.

We appreciate your patience and for supporting your child’s distance learning.