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District 196 seniors recognized in National Merit and College Board programs
District 196 seniors recognized in National Merit and College Board programs
District 196 seniors recognized in National Merit and College Board programs

Forty-one District 196 seniors are receiving special recognition this fall for scores they achieved on a national standardized test they took last year as juniors.

Thirteen students are semifinalists in the 2022-23 National Merit Scholarship Program, 26 are National Merit commended students, and three were selected for recognition in the College Board’s African American and Hispanic recognition programs (one was also a commended student). The 13 National Merit semifinalists in District 196 are:

  •  Bryson Flake and John Williams of Apple Valley High School;
  •  Lawrence Khael M. Salonga, Archan Sen, Brady Williams and Daniel Wochnick of Eagan High School;
  •  Nathan Elango, Maxwell Pringle, Benjamin Vanorny, Sophia Wang and Yutong Zhang of Eastview High School;
  •  Colin Willette of Rosemount High School, and
  •  Benjamin Kuncel of the School of Environmental Studies.

Students are selected for recognition in the National Merit Scholarship Program based on their scores on the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT), which they take as juniors. Semifinalists rank in the top 1% of students who took the test. They may submit additional information to be considered for selection as a finalist. Students named National Merit finalists next spring will compete for some 7,250 scholarships totaling nearly $28 million awarded by businesses, colleges and universities, and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.

Students whose scores on the PSAT/NMSQT rank them in the top 5% of students nationwide receive letters of commendation in recognition of their outstanding academic promise. In District 196, the following 26 seniors are 2022-23 National Merit commended students:

  •  Eva Gordhamer of Apple Valley High;
  •  Ranen Aschemann, Claudia Beckwith, Anastasia Koch, Ryan Lenertz, Eric Li, Aaron Luu, Arya Nair, Samrug Narayanan, Alysha 
    and Ethan Pak of Eagan High;
  • Thomas Adamson, Zoe Champ, Mary Kotrba, Raymond Liu, Anshrutha Malarvannan, Joshua Neuenschwander, Laney Schwartz, Grace Tang, Jack Tavakley, Samrawit Tesfaye and Ian Young of Eastview High, and 
  • Rowan Babcock, Jalen Freeman, Ava Vaillant and Sophia VanKeulen of Rosemount High.

The College Board also uses PSAT scores to recognize African American and Hispanic students. Rosemount High’s Meti Negewo and Jalen Freeman (also a commended student) were selected for the National African American Recognition Program and Matthew Pasillas was selected for the National Hispanic Recognition Program. These students and the National Merit semifinalists and commended students will be recognized at the Oct. 24 regular School Board meeting in District 196.