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Every day, students in District 196 are challenged to explore their #InfinitePossibilities!

Our global learners are innovative, curious and creative scholars who continue to build on our record of outstanding student achievement. Our #InfinitePossibilities video series highlights the incredible things happening in our schools as students pursue excellence in their exciting journey along the road of life! 

Episode 3

In this episode, see how the creativity and critical thinking of students at Echo Park Elementary School of Leadership, Engineering, and Technology are put to work on a slippery problem. Student-scientists tackle a real-world problem of oil spills and experiment ways to clean them.

In this episode, catch up with students at Valley Middle School of STEM who are getting a jump-start on career exploration! Counselors collaborate with community members, local organizations and even several parents to host a career fair, which opens the doors for students to see the incredible opportunities that await them in the future.

Want to learn more about Valley Middle School of STEM? Explore their website >

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