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Workers' Compensation

For emergencies, call 911

Workers’ compensation benefits are established by state law to help replace wages lost due to a work injury and pay for medical care to treat work-related injuries.

The carrier administering workers’ compensation benefits for the district follows state laws for determining eligibility and benefits.  Employees must report workplace injuries immediately. 

SFM is the carrier for workers compensation.

Work Related Injury/Illness Reporting Process

An employee who has been injured at work or has a work-related illness should complete the following steps within 48 hours of the incident and inform their supervisor of the injury. 

Reporting the injury/illness

  • Employee will call State Fund Mutual (SFM) at 1-855-675-3501 to report the injury or illness. 
  • Calls can be made 24 hours a day
  • Between the hours of 7:00am and 4:00pm employees will have the option to report the injury/illness and also speak to a nurse at SFM
  • After 4:00pm all calls at SFM are answered by a nurse

Information requested during the report of injury/illness

  • Employees will be asked to provide the following information during the call:
  • Worker’s Compensation policy number for ISD 196: 76129.506
  • Demographic information (address, date of birth, social security number, etc.)
  • Specific details on the injury/illness
  • Any medical treatment already sought and/or the need to seek medical treatment

Employee responsibilities after call

  • Employee will be provided with their claim number at the end of the call
  • If the employee has or will seek medical treatment their claim number along with SFM’s information should be shared with the provider
  • Any work restrictions and/or lost time from work should be communicated to the supervisor and Human Resources right away

Questions should be directed to Human Resources 651-423-7700

SFM Work Comp ID Card Example

If medical care is necessary

  • For emergencies, call 911
  • For non-emergency medical situations, contact:
    • Minnesota Occupational Health Services
      1400 Corporate Center Curve
      Eagan, MN 55121
    • Or contact your doctor
  • You must obtain a Workability Report at each clinic visit
    • This report should be submitted to your supervisor and to human resources within 24 hours of each visit.
  • If the health care provider indicates you have work restrictions, your supervisor will review your Workability Report with Human Resources to determine if your restrictions can be accommodated.
  • If the health care provider indicates you are unable to work, you must communicate with your supervisor and human resources.

Reporting Absences and Receiving Paychecks

Worker’s Compensation benefits are dictated by MN Statute

  • If any time off work is necessary due to this injury, you must enter your absence(s) using the normal process. The reason will be Sick Leave with a note indicating Worker’s Compensation.
  • First 3 days off work due to injury, not paid TTD (total temporary disability); have to use Sick Leave (or other paid leave) or go unpaid
  • Work comp benefit generally pays 2/3rd average weekly wage prior to incident (use average of prior 26 weeks in some cases)
    • There is a max benefit so some employees may get less than 2/3rd of pay
    • Paid directly from carrier to employee – not subject to state and federal taxes
  • District allows employees to supplement the WC benefit with 1/3 day leave
  • SFM emails notices of TDD or TPD (total partial disability) payments made to each employee weekly
Workers Compensation