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The HRA/VEBA is a Health Reimbursement Arrangement that allows the district to contribute funds to a trust on your behalf that can be used for reimbursement of medical expenses.  The funds remain available for your use even if you retire or leave employment with the district.

HRA/VEBA is integrated with the district’s HealthPartners $1000 Deductible Plan. The district shall contribute to the HRA/VEBA account for the employee enrolled in the Deductible Plan an amount representing the difference between the premium for the deductible plan and the district contribution towards health insurance as provided in the collective bargaining agreement or benefit provisions for your employee group (if monthly difference is $10 or greater). Employees will automatically be enrolled in the HRA/VEBA plan if eligible for a contribution.

HRA/VEBA Plan is administered by OneBridge (YourWay HRA)

YourWay Benefits Portal

What is the YourWay HRA?

HRA stands for Health Reimbursement Account, sometimes called a Voluntary Employee's Beneficiary Association or VEBA Plan or VEBA benefit:

  • Tax-free employer contributions
  • Tax-free investment earnings
  • Tax-free reimbursements of qualified out-of-pocket medical care expenses and premiums

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HRA Summary

Use your YourWay HRA to help cover your out-of-pocket
medical care costs

  • Your unused account balance carries over
  • You choose your investment options
  • You can use your account anytime (after becoming claims eligible)
  • Your spouse and qualified dependents are covered
  • You pay no tax on contributions, earnings, or reimbursements (claims)


Health Reimbursement Accounts