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Flexible Spending Account Plan (FSA)

There are two Flexible Spending Account (FSA) plans available:

  • Medical FSA, and
  • Dependent Care FSA  

Both allow you to set aside a portion of pretax earnings and use that money to pay for your out-of-pocket medical, dental and vision costs, not covered by an insurance plan, with the Medical FSA or for work-related dependent care expenses with the Dependent Care FSA.  Annual enrollment required during open enrollment.

Medical FSA

You may contribute a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $2,850 from your pay before taxes each year.  Eligible expenses include any health care expenses not covered by your medical and dental plans, such as copays and deductibles. It also includes vision care expenses for prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses, as well as prescriptions and may other eligible expenses.

Dependent Care FSA

You may contribute a minimum of $200 and a maximum of $5,000 per household from your pay before taxes each calendar year. Use your pretax FSA dollars to pay for eligible expenses provided by a qualified dependent care provider. 

OneBridge is the administrator of the Flexible Spending Accounts
Customer Service Number 888-865-1628 (Monday through Friday)
7:00 am to 7:00 pm (Central time)


Flexible Spending Account