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Additional Health Insurance Benefits

When you are enrolled in one of the districts health insurance plans, you get access to a number of additional benefits.


Smarter Fertility Benefits


Digital health program that helps you build healthy habits

  • Omada For Prevention - Get Healthy Your Way
  • Personalized program is designed for those who may be risk for:
    • Type 2 Diabetes or Heart Disease
  • If you qualify for program there is no cost to you and you’ll have support to help you improve the way you eat, move, sleep and manage stress:
    • Professional health coach, free wireless smart scale and weekly lessons


Health and Well-being program

  • Program to help reach your wellness goal, big or small, with a variety of tools and resources to help your find what works best for you. 
  • Annual health assessment is done first to help you understand where you are today and guide you on your path toward better health.  Once completed you have access to the resources and programs and HealthPartners will donate $50 to your choice of one of three charities.  Includes access to:
    • Wellbeats – on demand workout classes
    • myStrength – support to manage stress, anxiety, depression, sleep and more
  • Visit healthpartners youpower

Frequent Fitness

List of participating approved gyms

  • The Frequent fitness program reimburses up to $20 per month of your health club membership fees when you work out at least 12 times each month. 


  • Virtuwell 24/7 online clinic
  • Diagnosis and prescriptions for over 60 common conditions
  • Staffed by Board-certified nurse practitioners
  • Cost – Each covered member receives 3 free online visits per year, then $10 if on the Copay plan or 20% co-insurance if on the Deductible plan

Doctor on Demand

Video visit at

  • Board-certified doctors are available 24/7, to treat for common ailments, behavioral health and more
  • Live video visits include assessment, diagnosis and prescriptions when necessary
  • Cost – $25 office visit copay if on the Copay Plan, never costs more than $59 if on the Deductible Plan

Other benefits

Health Insurance