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806AR - Visitors to Schools

806AR - Visitors to Schools

Adopted: October 1991
Revised: May 2015

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1. Guidelines for Visitors

Classroom visitors are encouraged to make arrangements through the principal’s office at least one school day in advance.

1.1 Individuals invited to volunteer or to attend a school event, i.e., Grandparents Day, do not need to make advance arrangements.

1.2 Since school principals are responsible for ensuring the safety of students and employees, all visitors, including volunteers, must register at the principal’s office when they first arrive at school. Schools shall provide a system of identification for visitors (i.e., name tags).

1.3 Visitors are expected to maintain proper decorum to minimize disruptions.  If a visitor violates decorum guidelines, the visitor will be asked to leave by the teacher or administrator.  Guidelines for proper decorum include, but are not limited to, the following:

1.3.1  Classroom visitors should arrive before the start of the instruction period and remain until the end of the instruction period unless prior arrangements are made with the teacher or principal.

1.3.2  Discussion or conversation with the teacher or students during the instruction period is to be initiated by the teacher.

1.3.3  Actions or demonstrations that draw attention or disrupt the class in any way are prohibited.

1.3.4  Visitors will not record or take photographs without prior permission from the principal.

1.3.5  In accordance with data privacy laws, the names of students shall not be mentioned by the visitor when publicly discussing anything observed during the visit.

1.4 If a parent requests a visit to his or her student’s school and custody of the child is an issue, the principal will abide by existing legal agreements.

2. Administration of Regulation

If a visitor believes this regulation has been improperly administered, she or he may request a hearing with the director of elementary education (for elementary schools) or the director of secondary education (for middle and high schools).  The hearing will take place within five school days of the request.


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  • 20 U.S.C. 1232g et seq., Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)