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806 - Visitors to Schools

806 - Visitors to Schools

Adopted: June 1983
Revised: June 2015

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1. Parents, district residents and other interested persons are welcome to visit District 196 schools provided they comply with guidelines in Administrative Regulation 806AR, Visitors to Schools.

2. Parents of district students are encouraged to take an active role in their children’s education.

2.1 Visiting classes to observe instruction is an effective way to gain an understanding of what happens in school, to communicate support for education, to learn more about the content of programs and to respond to parental concerns about the content or delivery of the curriculum.

2.2 School principals, after consultation with the teacher(s) involved, are authorized to limit the number and length of classroom visits by a specific individual if, in the principal's professional judgment, the individual’s presence would be likely to disrupt the learning environment or unduly invade the privacy rights of students. 

2.2.1 When a principal denies a visit request, the denial and the rationale for it shall be shared verbally immediately with the person who requested the visit, and then sent to that person in writing.

2.2.2 Principals shall immediately notify their supervisor whenever they deny a visit request. Principals shall also forward a copy of the denial letter to their supervisor.

3. Visitors may not solicit, or offer for sale or rent, any goods or services to students or employees on school premises, unless they have prior written permission from the superintendent or designee.

4. Access of officers, members and other representatives of employee organizations to employees during work hours is subject to regulations as determined by the superintendent.

5. Volunteers - District 196 recognizes the important role volunteers play in the education of students through curricular and cocurricular activities and promotes the use of volunteers to the extent possible.