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805.2.1AR - Community Participation in Decision-Making

805.2.1AR - Community Participation in Decision-Making

Adopted: July 1987
Revised: August 2016

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1. School Councils

Community members shall have a regular, ongoing opportunity to participate in school decision-making through school councils established by each school principal. (For more information, refer to Administrative Regulation 805AR, Shared Decision-Making Responsibilities.)

2. District-level Councils and Committees

2.1 Community members shall have opportunities to be involved with districtwide programs through participation on standing advisory councils and committees.  These may include but are not limited to the Budget Advisory Council, Community Education Advisory Council, Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Council, District Title I Parent Advisory Committee, Early Childhood Family Services Advisory Council, Gifted and Talented Advisory Council, Integration and Educational Equity Advisory Council, Legislative Advisory Council, Native American Parent Advisory Committee, River Valley Project Explore Advisory Council and Special Education Advisory Council.

2.1.1  The School Board shall be responsible for the selection of members of advisory councils which are, by law, advisory to the School Board.

2.1.2  The members of other advisory councils shall be selected in a manner determined by the council and/or the program, department or school with which it is affiliated.

2.2 Community members shall have opportunities to be involved with School Board actions through participation on ad hoc task forces, advisory councils and community forums set up by the School Board or administration to accomplish specific tasks.