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801.6AR - Distribution of Materials and Information to Students and Families

801.6AR - Distribution of Materials and Information to Students and Families

Adopted: August 1979
Revised: January 2017

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1. Distribution of Official School and District Materials

1.1   Official school and district materials, including materials from official school organizations, may be approved for distribution to students and families by the following district officials: director of elementary education, director of secondary education, director of special education, director of community education, and principals (for their own school).

1.2   The following organizations are considered official school organizations:  PTAs, PTOs, school site councils, cocurricular booster clubs, community education, organizations operating a joint program through agreement with the district and other similar organizations as designated by the school officials listed in section 1.1 above.

2. Distribution of Materials and Information by Employees

Materials or information produced by or on behalf of employees that are not part of the school's official curricular or cocurricular program may not be distributed to students or parents.

2.1   Employees may not use class time to influence or lobby students, or distribute materials to students or their parents during assigned working hours in a way that could be interpreted as designed to influence or lobby students or parents on issues such as contract negotiations, school starting or closing times, budget reductions, etc.

2.2   Employees may not use class time to influence or lobby students, or distribute materials to students or their parents during assigned working hours with information related to a profit-making activity in which the employee is involved except as otherwise authorized by Administrative Regulation 801.6.2AR, Advertising.

3. Distribution of Information by Non-school, Non-district Organizations

Schools will not distribute flyers or emails to students and their families that are produced by or on behalf of non-school, non-district organizations except as authorized in Sections 3.1 – 3.3 below. Non-school, non-district organizations may purchase advertising in compliance with Administrative Regulation 801.6.2AR, Advertising.

3.1   Schools may allow limited distribution of information to students and their families from identified community athletic associations (Valley Athletic Association, Apple Valley Hockey Association, Eagan Athletic Association, Eagan Hockey Association, Eastview Athletic Association, Eastview Lightning Hockey Association, Rosemount Athletic Association, and Rosemount Area Hockey Association). Limited distribution by these groups is permitted due to the broad use of such programs by students and the interest of parents in receiving timely information about the programming offered by these organizations.

3.2   Flyers and email messages accepted for distribution must promote an activity offered by the organization for school-age children.

3.3   The distribution permitted by Section 3.1 above will be limited to one flyer or email per season for each community athletic association. 

3.4   Flyers and email messages must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the intended distribution date to the director of elementary education (for elementary school distribution) or the director of secondary education (for secondary school distribution). The appropriate director will have authority to approve or disapprove the flyer or email message and determine the appropriate timing of its distribution.

3.5   Flyers and email messages approved for distribution must be printed and copied at the expense of the community athletic association. The name, address and phone number of the organization must be displayed on the flyer or email and the flyer or email must make it clear that it is promoting a community athletic association activity and not a school or school district activity.

3.6   Flyers may not be more than two sheets of paper, double-sided (four pages).

4.  Distribution of Commercial Emails

District 196 schools or programs that send emails with a primary purpose of commercial advertisement or promotion of a commercial product or service (e.g., spirit wear, carnivals, sporting events) must ensure that such emails include:

4.1   Only accurate information, including accurate subject lines, headers and “from” fields;

4.1.1      A notice which identifies the purpose of the email and permits recipients to opt-out from such emails with a fully functional and clearly displayed return email address or other internet-based mechanism to opt-out, and

4.1.2      The school or program’s physical mailing address.       

4.2   District 196 schools and programs should abide by the guidelines of section 4.1 for all bulk emails sent to parents or community members.


  • CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, 15 USC 7701-13