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801.6.2AR - Advertising

801.6.2AR - Advertising

Adopted: July 2010
Revised: January 2020

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1. Purpose

1.1 This regulation provides guidelines for the advertising or promotion of products or services to District 196 students, parents and the community.

1.2 The name, facilities, staff, students, or any part of District 196 shall not be used for advertising or promoting the interests of a commercial or nonprofit agency or organization except as set forth below.             

2. Guidelines

2.1 District and school publications such as programs, calendars and websites may include paid advertising providing advanced approval has been obtained from the principal or designee.

2.1.1 In no instance shall advertising contain images promoting the use of alcohol, tobacco, tobacco products and activated electronic delivery devices (e.g., liquid or electronic cigarettes, vaping devices), drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, or obscene, pornographic or illegal materials.

2.1.2 District and school facilities, equipment, publications and websites may not be used as a means of producing or disseminating to the community any material that advertises or promotes a political party, a political viewpoint, the candidacy of a person for public office, or a position on a referendum.

2.1.3 The principal or designee shall screen all such advertising for appropriateness, including compliance with the district’s policies prohibiting harassment and discrimination. Advertisements may be rejected by the principal or designee if determined to be inconsistent with the educational objectives of the district, in direct competition for district students or inappropriate for publication or display. For example, advertisements may be rejected if determined to be false, misleading, or deceptive, or if they relate to an illegal activity or antisocial behavior.

2.2 Any advertising on district facilities shall be by written contract approved by the School Board.

2.2.1 Advertising content must be approved by the superintendent or designee. Restrictions listed in section 2.1 will apply.

2.2.2 Any approval will state precisely where such advertising may be placed.

2.3 Official school organizations such as PTAs, PTOs, school site councils, cocurricular booster clubs, community education and other organizations designated by the directors of elementary, secondary, and special education and community education and principals, may be allowed to use the district name, students, or facilities for purposes of advertising or promotion if the purpose is determined to be educationally related and prior approval is obtained from the responsible administrator. In addition, high schools may allow the military and institutions of higher learning to provide students with information.

2.4 Individual schools may elect to allow for a limited number of non-school, non-district organizations to display promotional materials at school events with the approval of the principal or designee.

2.5 Donations, bequests or gifts which include or carry advertisements must be approved by the School Board in accordance with guidelines established in Administrative Regulation 703.5.1AR, Gifts. 

2.6 The district or school may acknowledge a donation it has received from an organization by displaying a “donated by,” “sponsored in part by,” or similar acknowledgement with the organization’s name and/or logo on the item. Examples include activity programs or yearbooks.

2.7 Contracts for computers or related equipment or services that require advertising to be disseminated to students will not be entered into or permitted unless done pursuant to and in accordance with Minnesota Statute 125B.022, Contracts for Computers or Related Equipment or Service.

2.8 Advertising on school buses is only permitted in accordance with Minnesota Statute 123B.93, Advertising on School Buses.

2.9 Roadside advertising devices may not be erected or maintained on school district property or within 100 feet of a school except as permitted by Minnesota Statute 173.08, Excluded Road Advertising Devices, and any applicable local ordinances.  

2.10 The inclusion of advertisements in district publications, in district facilities, or on district property does not constitute approval and/or endorsement of any product, service, organization or activity. Approved advertisements will not imply or declare such approval or endorsement.

2.11 Any contracts for advertising shall comply with Procedure 704.2AR, Purchasing and Contracting.

3. Accounting

3.1  Advertising revenues must be paid directly to the district or school which authorized the advertisement.

3.2 The organization responsible for securing the revenues may be acknowledged, but that organization cannot have direct receipt and control of the revenues.

3.3 The revenues shall be accounted for and reported in compliance with UFARS legal requirements.

3.4 A periodic report shall be made to the School Board by the superintendent, or designee, regarding the scope and amount of advertising revenues. The school or department receiving the gift must complete one of the following district procedures when receiving advertising revenue:

3.4.1 District Procedure 703.5.9P, District Acceptance of Advertising Revenue Valued at $500 or More, must be sent to the appropriate director for authorization and School Board action at the next School Board meeting, or

3.4.2 If advertising revenue is valued at under $500, then the principal or program coordinator may accept the revenue pending quarterly School Board action. The principal or program coordinator will maintain a list of all accepted advertising revenue valued under $500 during the quarter using District Procedure 703.5.9.1P, School Acceptance of Advertising Revenue Under $500, and submit that list to the appropriate director by the 30th of each of the following months: November, February and May.


  • Minnesota Statute 123B.93, Advertising on School Buses
  • Minnesota Statute 125B.022, Contracts for Computers or Related Equipment or Service 
  • Minnesota Statute 173.08, Excluded Road Advertising Devices
  • Minnesota Statute 123B.025, School Sponsorship and Advertising Revenue