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801.12AR Language Access

801.12AR Language Access

Adopted: November 2023

801.12AR Language Access

1. Interpretation and Translation

Consistent quality communication between families and school staff is critical to support student learning. The district and its schools shall take actions designed to ensure meaningful communication with parents/guardians with limited English language proficiency, including adequately notifying parents/guardians about any program, service or activity that is called to the attention of parents/guardians who are proficient in English. Actions shall include the following:

1.1        Frequently used policies, regulations and procedures and other vital materials will be translated into Spanish and Somali and made available on school and district websites.

1.2        Important school and district telephone, email and website messages will be translated into Spanish and Somali.

1.3        Vital student-specific information, including but not limited to progress reports, permission forms, enrollment forms, and disciplinary documents will be orally interpreted or translated in writing into the primary language of the student’s parent/guardian if necessary to ensure meaningful communication. For students who receive special education services, the Notice of Procedural Safeguards and all Prior Written Notices will be translated in writing unless it is not feasible to do so.

1.4        Access to an approved over-the-phone interpreting service for oral interpretation will be available on demand to all parents/guardians who require access to ensure timely and meaningful communication.

1.5     Parents/guardians with limited English language proficiency will have access to an in-person qualified interpreter, approved over-the-phone interpretation service or approved video interpretation service when it is necessary to orally communicate student-specific information (e.g., parent meetings) or upon parent/guardian request. Schools will not rely on unqualified interpreters.

2. Identification and Notification

Parents/guardians who need language access services will be identified and informed of the language access services available to them. Schools will maintain information about a parent/guardian’s language access needs in the District 196 student information system.

Posters will be located at the entrance to all school buildings to notify non-English speaking parents/guardians of available language access resources, including their right to request an interpreter at no cost.

3.    Language Access Plan

The school district will develop and annually review a Language Access Plan to implement the requirements of this regulation. The Language Access Plan will be made available to staff and staff shall be responsible for compliance with the Language Access Plan. 

4.    Complaint Process

A complaint regarding the denial of language access services, or the quality of services provided, may be made in person, by email to or mailed to  ISD 196 District Office, Communications Department, 3455 153rd St. W., Rosemount, MN 55068.