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711 - Standards and Guidelines for District Web Sites

711 - Standards and Guidelines for District Web Sites

Adopted: October 2003

Download 711 - Standards and Guidelines for District Web Sites

1. Overview

1.1 The web provides a powerful communications medium to support the educational goals of District 196.  The district encourages staff, students, departments and others to use the web for learning, communications and community involvement. 

1.2 The following web guidelines recognize the importance of the web as a support mechanism for communications, research and educational activities.  These guidelines also realize that all users have a responsibility to use these resources in an ethical, legal, efficient and productive manner.

1.3 Web pages published on the district’s servers present an image of the district to the world, and therefore must undergo the same scrutiny and careful preparation given to any other form of official district publication.

2. Definitions

2.1 District Web Site -- For the purpose of this policy and related documents, a district web site is defined as any web site or related technologies hosted on a web server owned by the district or approved by the superintendent or designee, including sites created by and/or for schools, district-level departments or the district as a whole.

2.2 Web Site – A web site is one or more web pages with a common home page.

2.3 Web Page – A web page includes text, images and other content accessible by a single URL address (universal resource locator address).

3. Purpose

District 196 is committed to using its web sites to assist staff, students, families and others in the community in achieving the district’s mission.

4. Appropriate Use of District Web Servers

4.1 District 196 web servers are to be used for educational purposes only.

4.2 All district web sites must be hosted on District 196-approved web servers.

4.3 The district reserves the right to remove any web pages from its servers.

4.4 District web servers may not be used to run a private business.

5. Responsibilities

5.1 Each District 196 school and district-level department is responsible for the development and maintenance of an updated web site in accordance with District 196 regulations and guidelines.

5.2 Maintenance of the structure of the entire District 196 web site is the responsibility of the District 196 Technology Department.  Individual schools and departments are responsible for the content of their web site(s).