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708 - Facilities and Equipment

708 - Facilities and Equipment

Adopted: June 1983
Revised: July 2018

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1. Maintenance

1.1 The School Board recognizes the value of clean and attractive facilities to support the instructional program.  The administration shall design and implement programs to ensure achievement of this goal commensurate with available funds.

1.2 The superintendent and designee(s) shall work closely with the building principals and the maintenance staff to ensure the most cost-effective use of district facilities while ensuring personal safety and acceptable levels of comfort.

2. New Construction

The School Board shall determine the extent of all new construction based on reports and recommendations from the superintendent.

3. Energy Conservation

3.1 Energy conservation shall be practiced by all employees of the district.

3.2 It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to develop a comprehensive energy conservation plan for the district.

4. Use of Equipment

4.1 District equipment may be loaned to employees when the use of the equipment will be connected to the employee’s work for the district.

4.2 District equipment may be loaned to students when the use of the equipment
will be used in connection with the student’s curricular or cocurricular activities.

4.3 District equipment may be loaned to volunteers when the use of the equipment supports students’ curricular or cocurricular activities.

4.4 The administration shall establish controls to ensure the responsibility of the lender for the equipment and the timely return of the equipment, and to maintain a record of equipment on loan.

5. Health and Safety

The School Board recognizes the need to properly implement the following plans and programs related to health and safety:

5.1 A machine safety management program;

5.2 An indoor air quality (IAQ) management plan;

5.3 A confined space management program;

5.4 A safety committee program;

5.5 A laboratory safety management program;

5.6 A health, safety and environmental management program;

5.7 A lockout/tagout management program;

5.8 An employee right-to-know/hazardous communication program, and

5.9 A testing plan for lead in school drinking water.