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707.5.1AR - Occasional Transportation Services

707.5.1AR - Occasional Transportation Services

Adopted: September 1978
Revised: August 2008

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1. Pick-up and drop-off locations

If parents want a student to be picked up or dropped off at a point other than the student’s regular bus stop, the parents must send a signed note to the principal stating the specific special destination and the date this destination is requested.

1.1 A written request must be submitted to the office each time a different drop-off or pick-up point is desired.

1.2 Students will only be allowed to be picked up or dropped off at existing District 196 bus stops.

2. Individual requests

Individual requests shall be approved or denied by the principal (or designee) only after the availability of bus seating has been determined. (The Transportation Department provides each school with a list of students and bus stops for each route that serves that school.)

2.1 Approved requests shall be initialed and dated by the principal. A copy of the request and/or an initialed bus pass must be provided to the bus driver. The approval of a request on a given day does not imply that future requests for a similar or identical purpose will be approved. (The student load on each bus changes with new enrollment; therefore, a seat may not be available from one time to the next.)

2.2 If a request cannot be approved, the principal shall return the note to the student with an explanation of why the request has been denied.