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707.2.2AR - Video Cameras on School Buses

707.2.2AR - Video Cameras on School Buses

Adopted: March 1994
Revised: May 2019

Download 707.2.2AR - Video Cameras on School Buses

1. Use of Video Cameras

District 196 buses are equipped with video cameras. Video cameras are intended to decrease student misbehavior and allow safe bus operation for students, drivers and other motorists.

1.1 Buses must contain a sign or signs, conspicuously placed, notifying riders that their conversations or actions may be recorded.

1.2  When misbehavior does occur on a bus with a camera, the driver will notify the student conduct specialist as soon as possible so he or she can review and preserve the video.

1.3  The coordinator of transportation or designee will review the video and permit school administrators to view the video, as deemed necessary. To preserve data privacy and the rights of students, parents will not be allowed to view the videotapes except as required by law.

1.4  The student conduct specialist will keep a detailed log of the assignment of cameras to buses.

1.5  Video showing serious inappropriate behavior will be kept indefinitely. Video showing common infractions will be kept for two weeks. 

2. Parent Notification

Before the beginning of each school year, parents will be notified that video cameras are used on school buses and that their students may be recorded.

3. Video Cameras on Contracted Buses

When a video camera is needed on a contracted bus, the coordinator of transportation or designee and the contractor will work together to maintain District 196 bus video camera procedures.


  • Minnesota Statue121A.585, Notice of recording device on a school bus