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707.10AR - Nonpublic and Charter School Student Transportation

707.10AR - Nonpublic and Charter School Student Transportation

Adopted: August 1979
Revised: July 2007

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1. Request for Transportation

1.1 If the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a student who attends a nonpublic school wishes to have their child transported to and from school, they must ask their nonpublic school to put the request in writing to the District 196 Transportation Department. This request must include:

  • name, address and phone number of the school;
  • school hours;
  • annual school calendar, and
  • list of students who attend the school who live in District 196.

1.1.1  The Transportation Department will work with the nonpublic school and the parent(s) or guardian(s) to respond to the request.

1.1.2  If the request is approved, all students who live in District 196 and attend that nonpublic school will be eligible to be transported and will not be eligible for transportation reimbursement if applicable.

1.2    Nonpublic schools located outside the district may negotiate with the district for transportation directly to their school, and if approved, will be charged an hourly rate for services provided outside the district.

2. Transportation Reimbursement

When transportation is not provided to a nonpublic school, parents may request reimbursement (Procedure 707.10.2P, Nonpublic Student Transportation Reimbursement Request) not to exceed the amount of the district’s nonpublic transportation revenue per pupil for the same year, as determined by the Minnesota Department of Education, less a five percent administrative cost. Parents of nonpublic students are eligible for reimbursement at the same level of transportation eligibility described in Policy 707, Student Transportation. Forms will be processed for reimbursement during the summer following completion of the school year.

3. District 196 Responsibilities

District 196 is responsible for scheduling buses, establishing time of operation and setting the annual calendar.

4. Student Responsibilities

When using district busing services nonpublic and charter school students receiving transportation services from District 196 shall be notified of and comply with the school bus conduct and discipline policies described in Administrative Regulations 707.2AR, School Bus Safety and 503.3AR, Student Behavior Expectations and Consequences for Misbehavior.


  • Minnesota Rules 3520.1500, Free and Equal Transport to District   Boundary
  • Minnesota Statute 123B.86, Equal Treatment
  • Minnesota Statute 123B.91, School District Bus Safety Responsibilities