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706 - District Insurance Program

706 - District Insurance Program

Adopted: June 1983
Revised: May 2012

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1. Philosophy

1.1 The School Board shall maintain a comprehensive insurance program which encompasses the concept of coverage for catastrophic loss but recognizes the importance of personal insurance for small losses.  Thus, adequate protection shall be secured at a cost most reasonable for the District.

1.1.1 Such insurance shall protect the School Board members, employees and property of the district.  The terms, conditions and amounts of the non-negotiable coverages shall be prescribed by the School Board and superintendent with appropriate help from an independent insurance consultant.

2. Placement Procedure                                 

2.1 All district insurance policies shall be allotted on the basis of competitive bids and/or long term cost-effectiveness.

3. Vehicle Insurance

3.1 All district-owned vehicles shall be fully insured to protect authorized drivers, authorized passengers and the district.  Employees driving their own vehicles on district business are expected to insure them at their own expense.


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