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704.4.2AR - Issuing Payroll Checks

704.4.2AR - Issuing Payroll Checks

Adopted: June 1993
Revised: February 2009

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1. Timeline for Issuing Payroll Checks

1.1  Payroll checks are issued to employees according to negotiated working agreements and contracts, on the following schedule:

1.1.1 Administrators, supervisors, special staff, community education staff, single-assignment cocurricular staff, regular and substitute clerks, and secretaries (Pay Code 1) - twice a month, on the 15th and on the last day;

1.1.2 Bus drivers, chaperones and crossing guards (Pay Code 2) - biweekly, on Friday;

1.1.3 Building chiefs, members of the custodial bargaining unit, bus mechanics and food service staff (Pay Code 3) - biweekly, on Friday;

1.1.4 Regular and substitute teachers and nurses (Pay Code 4) - twice a month, on the 5th and 20th.

1.2 If a payday falls on a weekend or legal holiday, payroll checks will be issued the previous working day.

2. Delivery of Payroll Checks and Voluntary Deductions

2.1 Employees may receive their salary through direct deposit of funds into their checking or savings accounts.

2.1.1 Direct deposit funds are sent electronically from the district’s financial institution to the employee’s financial institution, so that the funds are available to the employee on payday.

2.1.2 If an employee elects to receive a payroll check, the employee must pick the payroll check up from the Human Resources Department at the District Office. Payroll checks not picked up on the pay date issued will be sent to the employee’s home building on the following business day. An employee who does not receive his or her paycheck as scheduled should contact the Payroll Department and may be asked to complete District Procedure 707.4.2P, Affidavit of Lost, Destroyed or Stolen Payroll Check. The Payroll Department will issue a new payroll check after five business days, pending receipt of the appropriate authorization from the district’s designated banking institution.

2.2 Payments for voluntary deductions, including tax shelters, credit unions and flexible benefit deductions, are sent to the post office on payday for delivery to the appropriate vendor.