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704.3AR - Receiving Merchandise (Materials, Supplies and Equipment)

704.3AR - Receiving Merchandise (Materials, Supplies and Equipment)

Adopted: February 1977
Revised: May 2012

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1. The Central Receiving Department

The Central Receiving Department is responsible for receiving, inspecting, verifying and distributing all merchandise shipped to the district. 

2. Shipping Instructions

2.1 District schools and departments will instruct vendors to ship merchandise directly to the Central Receiving Department, unless Central Receiving has given advance approval for the merchandise to be shipped directly to the school or department.

2.2 The Central Receiving Department will approve direct shipping of merchandise to district schools or departments by vendors only when one of the following two conditions is met:

2.2.1 The size of the item(s) or the size of the total shipment is so large that delivery by Central Receiving would be impractical, or

2.2.2 The arrival time of the merchandise being delivered is extremely critical and the central receiving supervisor determines that Central Receiving cannot deliver the merchandise to the school or department by the time it is needed.

3. Procedures for Receiving Merchandise Which is Shipped Directly to Schools or Departments

When merchandise is shipped directly to a school or department, staff at the school or department must:

3.1  Verify the count (number of boxes or pallets) against the carrier’s waybill (delivery receipt) and, if there is a shortage, ask the driver to make a notation on the waybill before signing.

3.2  Verify the condition of the merchandise and, if there is any noticeable damage, ask the driver to make a notation on the waybill before signing.  If the driver refuses to make a notation, the staff member should refuse to accept the damaged merchandise.

3.3  Open all boxes and verify contents, counts and descriptions against the packing slip, and note any discrepancies on the packing slip.  Contact the vendor to reconcile the discrepancies.

3.4  If the merchandise has serial numbers, record the numbers on the packing slip or on an attached sheet of paper.

3.5  Note on the packing slip that the merchandise has been received, and send the packing slip to the Central Receiving Department.  Central Receiving will then contact the vendor about any damage or discrepancies.

3.6 If damage is not noticed until after the package is opened or the merchandise is in use, the staff should contact the vendor or Central Receiving for assistance.

4. Distribution of Merchandise Received by Central Receiving

4.1  Merchandise received will be distributed to schools and departments by Central Receiving.

4.2 The signed, original copy of the delivery sheet will be returned to Central Receiving for filing.  The second copy of the delivery sheet will be left with the merchandise for the school's or department’s records.

5. Discrepancies

5.1  It is the responsibility of Central Receiving to call or write vendors about all discrepancies regarding merchandise received at the Central Receiving Department.

5.2  Returning Merchandise for Credit or Replacement

5.2.1  Procedure 704.3.5.2P, Return Merchandise Request (RMR), will be completed by Central Receiving on discrepancies found by Central Receiving when material is checked in.  Central Receiving will contact the vendor for approval to return material for credit or replacement. 

5.2.2  If school or department staff find discrepancies in merchandise received from Central Receiving, they are to complete Procedure 704.3.5.2P and contact the vendor for approval to return the material.  (If a replacement is requested, the vendor should be asked to ship it under the original purchase order number with the prefix “RMR.”) School or department staff will complete and attach Procedure 704.3.5.2P to the merchandise and forward it to Central Receiving for return to the vendor, or School or department staff will insure that all items to be returned are clearly marked and placed for the driver to pick up.

6. Damaged Merchandise

6.1 Damaged merchandise will be handled when it is received in Central Receiving. 

6.2 Central Receiving will handle all freight claims with the vendor and the carrier.