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702.2AR - Budget Planning and Development

702.2AR - Budget Planning and Development

Adopted: June 1993
Revised: May 2012

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1.  Budget planning and development

Budget planning and development shall be carried out by the superintendent and designees in the following manner:

1.1   Budget planning begins with a review of budget parameters, and development of a preliminary budget forecast based on projected enrollment and revenue and expenditure assumptions for the coming year.

1.2   The preliminary budget forecast is reviewed with the School Board then used as the basis for the development of budget guidelines (assumptions about staffing, program changes, allocations to schools and departments, etc.).  The guidelines are reviewed and approved by the School Board in February or March.

1.3   The administration prepares a detailed preliminary budget based on the approved guidelines and brings that to the School Board for approval no later than the last board meeting in June.

1.4   The administration prepares the final budget and presents it to the School Board for approval no later than January 31 in the year for which the budget is effective.

2. Process and deadlines

The process and deadlines noted above may be adjusted as needed after consultation between the superintendent and the School Board.


  • Minnesota Statute 123B.77, Requirement for Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting Requirement
  • Financial Accounting Instructions (FAI) 10.3, Budget Adoption