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621 - Work Experience Beliefs and Goals

621 - Work Experience Beliefs and Goals

Adopted: January 1990
Revised: August 2015

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1. Beliefs

We believe Work Experience . . .

1.1 Fulfills an essential part of high school curriculum and provides an opportunity for lifelong learning.

1.2 Uses instructional practices and curriculum that are respectful of the diverse backgrounds and abilities that students bring to the classroom and workplace.

1.3 Develops employability habits, skills and productive work behaviors to compete in a global economy.

1.4 Prepares quality workers for success in the digital world.

1.5 Creates a pathway for the student’s educational, personal and career success.

1.6 Encourages lifelong skills of citizenship, personal responsibility, financial literacy and community involvement.

1.7 Gives students an opportunity to develop self-advocacy skills by connecting with a mentor in a supportive partnership.

1.8 Builds an essential partnership link between home, school and the business community.

1.9 Requires district and building level support for instructional resources, ongoing professional development and districtwide communication.

2. Goals

2.1 To provide learners with opportunities to gain employability and career skills.

2.2 To serve learners that may be identified as academically, socially or economically disadvantaged.

2.3 To involve volunteer community members/partnerships including parents/guardians in an advisory capacity.

2.4 To provide opportunities for learners to develop long-range vocational and personal portfolios.

2.5 To support the development of career and technical education curricula and teaching/learning techniques.

2.6 To develop and maintain teaching/learning environments that will maximize learning for students selecting curricula in Work Experience.

2.7 To support a coordinated program of school, work and service-based learning opportunities and, where appropriate, include connecting activities.

2.8 To use appropriately licensed teachers who have met the Minnesota Board of Teaching licensure requirements.