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607 - Business and Marketing Beliefs and Goals

607 - Business and Marketing Beliefs and Goals

Adopted: February 1990
Revised: August 2015

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1. Beliefs

1.1  Students need to be computer literate, and able to select and apply the tools of current technology to personal and business decision-making.

1.2 Students should possess the following skills:  written and oral communication, problem-solving, time management, job search, technological, financial management, team work and decision-making.

1.3 Business and marketing provides opportunities for career awareness and exploration.

1.4 Business and marketing supports involvement in student organizations which provide professional experiences and enhance classroom learning.

1.5  Business and marketing should be student-centered by providing simulations, hands-on experiences and project-based learning.

1.6 Business and marketing should reflect today and tomorrow by incorporating relevant technology and by changing with the trends and times.

1.7 Business and marketing provides enrichment beyond the school curriculum through community and business partnerships.

1.8 Business and marketing instructional practices should be respectful of the diverse backgrounds that students bring to the classroom.

1.9 Business and marketing needs the support of a strong professional development program which provides continuous training in new technology and methodology.

2. Goals

Students will be able to:

2.1 Function as economically literate citizens in domestic and international venues.

2.2 Develop sensitivity to personal, societal and governmental responsibility in the economic system.

2.3 Understand how businesses operate.

2.4 Demonstrate the interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills needed to function in diverse business settings, including the global marketplace.

2.5 Develop an awareness of career opportunities and the lifelong learning skills that will enable students to become employable in a variety of business careers.

2.6 Select and apply technology tools for making personal and business decisions.

2.7 Communicate effectively as writers, listeners and speakers in diverse social and business settings.

2.8 Understand how accounting procedures can be applied to decisions about planning, organizing and allocating personal and financial resources.

2.9 Understand principles of law as they apply to personal and business settings.

2.10 Appreciate the value of the entrepreneurial spirit, both in the small business and the corporate environment.

2.11 Recognize the consumer-oriented nature of marketing and the impact of marketing activities on the individual business and society.

2.12 Understand that the various functions of business are not separate but are interrelated, and that each one impacts the others. 

2.13 Apply the critical thinking skills needed to function in students’ multiple roles as citizens, consumers, workers, managers and business owners. 

2.14 Develop, create, assess and understand the skills and principles of design as they relate to business/marketing activities and functions. 


  • National Standards for Business Education, 2013