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605 - Religiously Sensitive Issues

605 - Religiously Sensitive Issues

Adopted: August 1982
Revised: May 1983

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1. Consistent with the June 8, 1981, policy adopted by the Minnesota State Board of Education as their official policy and as the policy of the Minnesota Department of Education. 

1.1 District 196 adopts the following as its policy on religiously sensitive issues concerning the schools:

2. The Constitution of the United States of America has set the standard for our nation and for the institutions of our nation.  The Constitution protects the freedom and rights of each individual in this land. 

3. The education system in the District operates in accord with Constitutional standards.  We acknowledge that the educational institutions, like many other systems, are becoming more and more enlightened in recognizing discriminatory practices and are determined to correct those practices. 

4. The District shall rigorously protect the religious freedom of each student, in accordance with Constitutional standards. 

4.1 The public schools may not be used for religious socialization of students.  The development and practice of religious faith is the right of the home along with church, synagogue and other religious establishments or groups. 

4.2 No student of any religious background, or faith or belief shall be subjected to having his/her particular background disparaged in District schools; neither shall any student find his/her particular belief promoted. 

4.3 Public school education and religious ceremonies, programs, celebrations and practices shall be kept separate. 

5. The administration shall develop and implement regulations ensuring compliance with this policy.