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604.7.2.4P - Overnight Field Trip Expectations and Guidelines

604.7.2.4P - Overnight Field Trip Expectations and Guidelines

Adopted: November 2017
Revised: November 2019


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The privilege of participating in a school overnight field trip carries with it the responsibility of helping to make the trip successful for everyone. In order to do so it takes thorough organization and communication of expectations between the trip leaders, students and parents. The following rules and expectations will help make the trip more successful for everyone.


1.    General conduct – Students, student leaders and chaperones are expected to behave with the highest levels of manners, conduct and respect. Student conduct is a reflection not only on the individual, but also on the club/team, school, district and community.

2.    All rules and regulations of District 196 will remain in effect for the duration of the trip.  In accordance with Administrative Regulation 503.3AR, Student Behavior Expectations and Consequences for Misbehavior, school consequences may be imposed for misbehaviors during the trip. In addition, students may be precluded from attending for the reasons set forth in District Regulation 604.7.2AR, Overnight Field Trips, including misbehavior occurring prior to the trip.

3.    School staff chaperoning the trip reserve the right to inspect rooms if misconduct is suspected. If there is a reason to believe that an illegal act or violation of school rules has been committed, or is about to be committed, school staff supervising the trip are authorized to search the student and her or his personal property, including baggage and cell phones, and seize any item the possession of which is specifically prohibited by law, district policies or school rules.

4.    Students will be on time for all meetings and departures. Individual irresponsibility or lack of organization must not affect the entire group.

5.    All students will remain a part of group activities at all times. No one will be allowed to stay at the hotel or engage in non-preapproved activities.

6.    During any self-guided time, students must travel in groups of two or more–never alone. Students and adults need to be responsible for each other.  

7.    Students and adults must use extreme caution when socializing with strangers. No one other than school staff/chaperones, students or hotel personnel is allowed in a student room. Students should stick with friends they already know.

8.    Students should use common sense during the entire trip. If a student has questions, they should ask a staff person or chaperone.

9.    Dress at all times should be neat, clean and respectable.

10.    Hotels are often concerned about maintaining appropriate noise levels.  Students must be considerate and respectful of all guests. Unless otherwise allowed by trip supervisors, students may not be in a hotel room they are not assigned to for an extended period of time.


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11.    School staff have authority to make and adjust room assignments based on space needs, student behavior or any other reason. Under no circumstances may students in a dating relationship be alone in a room or assigned as roommates.

12.    No students should drive vehicles to, from or during a trip.

13.    Any directive or request made of students by staff or chaperones must be followed immediately.

14.    Room checks – School staff and chaperones will conduct room checks every night at a designated time. School staff and chaperones must see students in their own rooms, and students must remain in their own rooms after the room check. Students should request an early room check if they decide to go to sleep early.


Help each other be successful and make the correct decisions on the trip.


Note – Serious offenses include, but are not be limited to, smoking, assaultive behavior, drinking, drugs, theft, vandalism, repeated offenses and gross insubordination and will result in the suspension of trip privileges. Consequences for any violation of school or trip rules will vary according to the offense and could range from a call home to parents to suspension of trip privileges and/or an early trip home at the student’s/family’s expense (including a ticket for a chaperone to fly home with the student and back to the location if deemed necessary). Additional consequences may also be imposed in accordance with Administrative Regulation 503.3AR, Student Behavior Expectations and Consequences for Misbehavior and applicable Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) rules.


By signing below, I acknowledge I have reviewed the Overnight Field Trip Expectations and Guidelines above and understand and agree to the expectations and guidelines.

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References District 196 Administrative Regulation 604.7.2AR, Overnight Field Trips