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604.7.2.3P - Letter of Intent for International Field Trips

604.7.2.3P - Letter of Intent for International Field Trips

Adopted: November 2017
Revised: January 2019


Download 604.7.2.3P - Letter of Intent for International Field Trips

This Form Must be Submitted to Relevant Director Six (6) Months Prior to Trip


Staff planning school-sponsored international field trips (including to Canada and Mexico) must submit this Letter of Intent to their principal.  After review and approval, the principal must submit his or her recommendation to the relevant director at least six (6) months prior to the date of the planned trip. If information is not known at this time, please indicate that but also provide best estimates or best available information.

Date of Submission of Letter of Intent:                                                                                                         

Name of school and staff member(s) planning trip:                                                                                     

Logistics of Trip

Location of Trip (city, country):                                                                                                                     


□ Check here to acknowledge that you’ve reviewed the U.S. State Department’s Travel Advisory Information for the destination country.  Country specific information (including travel alert and warning information) is available here:

Are there any current travel alerts or warnings for the destination country that might pose an issue for the trip? If so, explain:                                                                                                                             

Dates of Trip:                                                   Event (if any):                                                                       

Content area:                                                                           Number of school days missed:                      

Type of transportation to be used:                                                                                                                

Describe anticipated lodging arrangements:                                                                                                            

Travel Agency and any Sponsoring Agencies

Travel Agency being used for the trip (Note: all international field trips must be booked through a U.S.-based travel agency, unless the uniqueness of the trip requires that arrangements for the trip be facilitated through the expertise of an agency or organization located in the destination country.):

Does the travel agency require a written agreement?                       □ Yes □ No

If yes, please submit the travel agency’s written agreement with this Letter of Intent or as soon as you receive it.  (Note: Written travel agency agreements, if any, must be reviewed by the district legal department before being signed.  If the agency does not use written agreements but the relevant director feels that having one would be advisable, the district legal department should be contacted to assist with drafting a written agreement.)

In addition to the travel agency, is there any outside agency sponsoring or organizing the trip?    □ Yes □ No

If yes, provide the name and address of the agency and briefly describe their role in or connection to the trip:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Educational Goals and Participant Criteria

Educational objectives of proposed trip:                                                                                                      


Do students need to meet any criteria in order to attend the trip?  □ Yes □ No

If yes, what is the criteria?                                                                                                                            


Budgeting for the Trip

How much is the trip expected to cost per student participating:                                                               

How much is the trip expected to cost overall:                      Expenses paid by district:                                   

Expenses paid by fundraising or sponsor:                       Expenses paid by Students:                                                                                                            

Are there fundraising activities associated with the trip?     □ Yes □ No

If yes, what is the plan for fundraising?                                                                                                       


Is there a plan to ensure interested/eligible students will be able to attend the trip, regardless of financial circumstances?         □ Yes □ No

If yes, what is the plan?                                                                                                                                


Student Supervision Considerations

(There must be one adult employee/chaperone for every fifteen students, except when not feasible and as approved by relevant director)

How many employees and chaperones are expected to attend: _________________ 

How many students are expected to attend: _________________

Are there any activities or circumstances that might require special considerations for supervision of students by staff and/or chaperones?          □ Yes □ No

If yes, describe:                                                                                                                                              


Will the trip involve any potentially hazardous planned activities (e.g., scuba diving, zip lining, etc.)?                      □ Yes □ No

If yes, describe the activity or activities (include location of activity and company involved in the activity, if any)                                                                                                                                                                      


Host Family Considerations (if applicable): If students will be staying with a host family for all or part of the trip, answer the following.

Who selected the host families and what is the criteria for being a host family?                                       


Are the host families background checked prior to the trip?           □ Yes □ No

Who performs the background check:                                                                                                          

Dates students will be staying with host families:                                                                                       

What is the plan to ensure staff and host families are able to keep in touch with each other during the trip?:                                                                                                                                                                       

Approved by:

Principal:                                                                                            Date:                                                  

Director:                                                                                              Date:                                                  

Cabinet Approval: □ Yes □ No                                                            Date:                                                  

References District 196 Administrative Regulation 604.7.2AR, Overnight Field Trips