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604.7.2.2P - Overnight Field Trip Request

604.7.2.2P - Overnight Field Trip Request

Adopted: October 1977
Revised: February 2019


Download 604.7.2.2P - Overnight Field Trip Request


This Request, including the attached checklist, must be completed and submitted to the Relevant Director four (4) weeks prior to trip (or, if four weeks’ notice is not possible, as soon as possible).


Date of request:                                   


Name of school and staff member(s) planning trip:                                                                                                        


Name/cell phone of supervisor attending the trip:                                                                                                         


Name and address of sponsoring group or organization (if any):                                   




Subject area:                                                                                                             


Location of trip (city, state):                                                                                        


Dates of trip:                                                      Event (if any):                                    


Number of students on trip:                               Number of school days missed:        


Number of staff attending:               Number of parents or guardians attending:              


Educational objectives of proposed trip:                                                            


Total expenses paid by district:                                                                                   


Total expenses paid by fundraising or sponsor:                                                           


Cost per student:                                                                                                       


Travel and lodging arrangements:                                                                               




Type of transportation to be used:                                                                               

          If Type III transportation (school or rental van or automobile):

·                  Are drivers Type III certified/trained?               □  Yes  □  No

·                  Are vehicles Type III certified/inspected?          □  Yes  □  No

Attach an itinerary (including dates)


Other information:                                                                                                     




Approved by:



Principal                                                          Date



Director of Secondary Education or                          Date

Director of Elementary Education or

Director of Special Education



Overnight Field Trip Checklist

All relevant fields must be checked prior to submission


_____   Read Administrative Regulation 604.7.2AR, Overnight Field Trips.

_____   Complete District Procedure 604.7.2.2P, Overnight Field Trip Request.

·        Attach an itinerary of your trip to the form before submitting; include hotel name and phone, transportation plans and cell phone numbers of all adult supervisors.

·        Submit to Principal and Relevant Director for signatures at least four weeks in advance, unless four weeks’ notice is not possible, in which case the request must be submitted as soon as possible prior to the trip.

·        If applicable, when you submit to the Principal and Relevant Director, provide a copy of your request and itinerary to Athletic Director or Arts/Activities Director.


_____   District Procedure 604., Overnight Field Trip – Student Medical Treatment Information and Permission, or, if it is an international trip, District Procedure 604.7.2.7P, International Field Trip – Student Medical Treatment Information and Permission.

·        Two copies are required for each student.

·        Original to coach/trip supervisor to carry on the trip.

·        Second copy with Athletic Director or Arts/Activities Director (if applicable).

_____   All volunteers must read Administrative Regulation 806.5AR, Volunteers and complete District Procedure 806.5P, Guidelines for Volunteers.

·        Originals to the Principal and, if applicable, Athletic Director or Arts/Activities Director.

_____   Background checks must be completed through the District 196 Human Resources Office on Level 3 volunteers including parents working with student athletes, other chaperones, etc.


_____   Requisition buses from District 196 Transportation.

_____   Employees driving students must be Type III certified. See Administrative Regulation 707.12AR, Transportation of Students by Employees in a Type III (Car or Van) Vehicle.

_____   Rental Vehicles: It is against the law to use 15-passenger vans.

·        For in-season events for which you are not required to pay taxes, rental vans should be paid for with a district P-Card, not a personal credit card.

·        A vehicle rented in Minnesota must comply with the requirements of a Type III vehicle (for example, a minivan, like a Dodge Caravan that seats 6-7 people) and display a valid State of Minnesota inspection sticker on the windshield.

·        A vehicle rented outside of MN is not required to have an inspection sticker but may only seat 10 or fewer passengers in compliance with the law.

·        It is strongly advised that you buy the full insurance coverage for any rental vehicles.


_____   Car rental companies and organizations that rent space for activities sometimes require a certificate of insurance.  If you need a certificate of insurance, contact District 196 Legal Services ( or and provide a list of dates, as well as contact information for the company or organization requesting the certificate.

_____   Read and review District Procedure 604.7.2.4P, Overnight Field Trip Expectations and Guidelines with parents and students, and collect signed forms from all parents/students. 

_____   With all employees and chaperones attending the trip:

·        Review Section 7 (“Arrangements, Accommodations and Expectations”) of Administrative Regulation 604.7.2AR, Overnight Field Trips Regulation.

·        To ensure familiarity with student expectations, review District Procedure 604.7.2.4P, Overnight Field Trip Expectations and Guidelines.

_____   For international trips:

·        Attach original District Procedure 604.7.2.3P, Letter of Intent for International Field Trips, and supplement it with any additional relevant information (for instance, provide any up-to-date or missing information you did not have when the Letter of Intent was first submitted).

·        If travel agency requires a written agreement for the trip, legal department has reviewed and approved agreement prior to signature.

·        Two weeks before departure: review the U.S. State Department’s Travel Advisory Information for destination country to ensure there are no travel alerts or warnings that may pose an issue for the trip.

_____   By checking here, I certify that the relevant tasks checked above have been completed or will be completed prior to the trip taking place.

Always double check the regulation and procedures for accurate and up-to-date information