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604.7.1AR - Day Field Trips

604.7.1AR - Day Field Trips

Adopted: August 1990
Revised: March 2016

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1. Definition

Day field trips are school-sponsored student group trips which are an extension of classroom instruction or cocurricular programs and last for one day or less. Voluntary trips are generally funded by the students, school, school-related organizations and/or non-school organizations.  Required field trips are funded by the school, except for students' meals.

2. Approval

Day field trip requests may be approved by the principal if:

2.1   The trip will offer a meaningful experience and contribute to the achievement of educational goals;

2.2   Adequate supervision will be provided, and

2.3   Meaningful alternative learning opportunities are available for non-participants.

3. Voluntary Trips

Voluntary trips must be considered supplementary to the district educational program.

4. Advance Permission

Parents or guardians of students, or adult students, must provide advance written permission (District Procedure 604.7.1P, Day Field Trip – Permission Form and Waiver of Liability) for the student to participate.