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604.2.2AR - Conduct of Visitors at Cocurricular Activities

604.2.2AR - Conduct of Visitors at Cocurricular Activities

Adopted: September 1991
Revised: May 1999

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1. Inappropriate Conduct at a Cocurricular Activity

1.1  A parent or other visitor attending a district cocurricular activity may be asked to leave the activity by an appropriate district official if the visitor is disrupting public access to or from the activity, endangering any other person at the activity or otherwise causing a disruption or interference, or threatened disruption or interference, of the activity.

1.2  A parent or other visitor who engages in inappropriate conduct at a cocurricular activity may be asked to leave the activity and/or may be prohibited from attending one or more district cocurricular activities.

2. Assaulting a Sports Official

2.1  If a person assaults a sports official at a District 196 interscholastic athletic activity, the district may exclude that person from one or more future interscholastic activities.

2.1.1  An “assault” is an act done with intent to cause fear in another person of immediate bodily harm or death, or the infliction of or attempt to inflict bodily harm upon another person.

2.1.2  A “sports official” is a person who serves as an umpire, referee, judge, linesperson, timer, scorekeeper or in another similar activity for an interscholastic athletic activity.

2.1.3  An “interscholastic athletic activity” is an activity controlled, supervised and regulated by the Minnesota State High School League.

2.2  A person alleged to have assaulted a sports official will be informed that he or she is entitled to an informal hearing on the matter before the Board of Education.

2.3  If the person does not request a hearing or if the hearing is held and the board finds that the person did assault a sports official, the board shall notify the person in writing and indicate any activity or activities he or she shall be excluded from and for how long.