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604.1.2AR - Cocurricular Transportation

604.1.2AR - Cocurricular Transportation

Adopted: February 1990
Revised: November 2004

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1. Travel Requirements for Participants in Cocurricular Activities

In order to participate in cocurricular activities students and their parents or guardians must agree to provide their own transportation to and from cocurricular events and must complete and return District Procedure 604.1.2P, Release of Liability for Student Transportation To or From Cocurricular Activities.  District provided transportation may be provided for some events, however, students and their parents or guardians are expected to arrange for all other necessary transportation.

2. Travel Requirements for Spectators at Cocurricular Activities

2.1   Spectator bus transportation may be provided for district students when a school-sponsored trip has at least 35 students registered to ride the bus before the trip and when adults are assigned to supervise the students on each bus. 

2.2   Students riding spectator buses will be charged based on the projected cost of the trip, including total round-trip mileage charge and salaries paid to bus drivers and chaperones. 

2.3   Only students from the school(s) that requested the transportation may ride the spectator bus. 

2.4   Every student must have a ticket to board the spectator bus.  No tickets will be sold at the time of boarding. 

2.5   Students must ride to and from the event on the same bus.