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604.1.1AR - Tournament Participation by Students

604.1.1AR - Tournament Participation by Students

Adopted: March 1977
Revised: March 2021

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1. Tournaments for Individual Competitions

1.1   Conference, sub-sectional, sectional, sub-regional and regional tournaments held during school hours will be for participants and alternates.

1.2   Other varsity players will be excused from classes only with parent or guardian permission and completion of the normal absence procedures established by the school.

2. Tournaments for Team Competitions

2.1   When a school participates in a tournament game or competition that falls during the school week, school will be held as usual the following day.

2.2.  Spectator buses will be provided for students from the school participating in the tournament.

2.2.1  Adequate supervision will be provided for spectator buses and for the tournament.

2.2.2  After the tournament game, spectator buses will return home as soon as is reasonably possible.

2.2.3  Participants, team managers and cheerleaders will ride on buses provided by the school district.

2.3   The maximum reimbursement for meals for coaches/advisors, participants/official squad members (i.e. athletes and managers), band members and cheerleaders, per person, per day, including the meal itself, tax and tip, shall be $15. Meals governed by this regulation shall be known as “tournament meals.” Exceptions to this regulation may be made by the Superintendent in unique circumstances, and may include additional reimbursement for meals, mileage and lodging.

2.3.1   Except when using a cash advance to pay for tournament meals (see Section 2.3.2 below), all reimbursement requests for tournament meals require original, itemized receipts or invoices. Supervising staff must accompany students to the restaurant or concession stand and pay for the meals. It is the responsibility of supervising staff to obtain and submit the original, itemized receipt(s) which must note the name of the establishment and the date and time of the transaction. Credit card statements do not serve as sufficient documentation for reimbursement purposes as they do not provide the itemized details required for an effective review.

2.3.2   Cash advance – Generally, cash advances are not preferred and tournament meals should be paid for with a procurement card (PCard) whenever possible.  If a cash advance for tournament meals was obtained from the district prior to travel, an original Participant Acknowledgement of Cash Receipt Form for Tournament Meals (District Procedure 604.1.1P) must be signed and returned to Accounts Payable for internal accounting control purposes. (Original, itemized receipts are not required when using cash advances for tournament meals.) Any unspent funds from the cash advance must be returned in U.S. currency using a personal or cashier’s check to the Finance Department - Accounts Payable at the District Office within two weeks of return from travel.  Failure to return unspent funds will result in the funds being treated as the relevant employee’s taxable income, subject to income and employment taxes per IRS guidelines.  

2.4   When an Independent School District 196 school participates in a tournament, students who have written approval from their parent or guardian to attend tournament games that are held during the school day will be excused.

2.5   When a select group of primary participants or supporting groups is necessary, the process for selection will be determined by the local unit and will be documented.

2.6   Band

2.6.1  Every effort will be made to rotate the band when two or more teams are participating in tournaments at the same time.

3. Tournament Plan

The tournament plan of a participating school shall be on file with the Director of Secondary Education prior to any announcement of plans to students and staff.

4. State Tournament Without District 196 Participation

When a District 196 school is not a participant in a state tournament, the varsity student players, trainers, managers and cheerleaders will be allowed one afternoon or morning absence from school to attend a state tournament session.  For any extension of this half day, the student will go through the normal absence procedure.  Tickets, tournament meals and mileage will be paid by the student. No spectator buses will be provided for students in the non-participating District 196 schools.


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