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602.6.2.8P - Transition Plan for Single Subject Acceleration

602.6.2.8P - Transition Plan for Single Subject Acceleration

Adopted: September 2008
Revised: October 2021


Download 602.6.2.8P - Transition Plan for Single Subject Acceleration


Student’s name                                                                                                                    


School                                                                                                     Grade                    



Placement Student’s report card grade should note single subject level acceleration and should be recorded on Infinite Campus.



                        Grade/subject            Teacher                                   Building



                        Grade/subject            Teacher                                   Building


Transition Period – Begins:                                                 Ends                                        

Date                                                             Date


Strategies to ensure a successful transition:




Strategies to ensure continuous progress following the transition period:




Requirement and procedures for earning high school credit prior to entering high school:
(if applicable)




Staff member assigned to monitor the implementation of this plan:


_______________________________________  ___________________________________________

Name                                                       Position


_______________         _______________

Date                                         Signature of principal


_______________         _______________

Date                                         Signature of parent/guardian/representative



•   Copy parent(s)/guardian(s)

•   Copy to current teacher and receiving teacher

•   Copy to gifted and talent development teacher

•   Copy student's building principal(s)

•   Copy student's cumulative folder 

•   Copy director of teaching and learning

•   Copy to student information supervisor