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602.6.1.8P - Transition Plan for Grade Acceleration

602.6.1.8P - Transition Plan for Grade Acceleration

Adopted: September 2008
Revised: September 2021


Download 602.6.1.8P - Transition Plan for Grade Acceleration


Title  Transition Plan for Grade Acceleration                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



Student’s name                                                                                                                    


School                                                                                                     Grade                    



Placement Student’s report card grade should note grade level acceleration and should be recorded on Infinite Campus.



                        Grade                          Teacher                                   Building



                        Grade                          Teacher                                   Building


Transition Period – Begins:                                                 Ends                                        

Date                                                             Date


Strategies to ensure a successful transition:




Strategies to ensure continuous progress following the transition period:




Requirement and procedures for earning high school credit prior to entering high school:
(if applicable)




Staff member assigned to monitor the implementation of this plan:


_______________________________________  ___________________________________________

Name                                                       Position


_______________         _______________

Date                                         Signature of principal


_______________         _______________

Date                                         Signature of parent/guardian/representative


•   Copy parent(s)/guardian(s)

•   Copy to current teacher and receiving teacher

•   Copy to gifted and talent development teacher

•   Copy student's building principal(s)

•   Copy student's cumulative folder

•   Copy director of teaching and learning

•   Copy director of elementary or secondary education for appropriate grade level

•   Copy to student information supervisor