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602.5.1.3P - Permission for Retention Assessment

602.5.1.3P - Permission for Retention Assessment

Adopted: October 2006


Download 602.5.1.3P - Permission for Retention Assessment






Dear Parent/Guardian,



We have reviewed the request for retention for your child, ____________________________.

That review has resulted in a recommendation to conduct a retention assessment. We
need your written permission with the testing. The following areas will be evaluated:


·           Social and emotional development;

·           Intellectual ability, and

·           Academic achievement.


Please indicate your permission to proceed with the assessment by signing and returning
the bottom portion of this sheet to me at your child’s school. If you have any questions,
please call ____________________________ at (        )                          .

                                      case manager                                            phone number






Signature of Principal



(cut and return bottom portion)


Request for Retention Assessment


       Yes, I give permission for the school to proceed with retention assessment of my child.

       No, I do not give the school permission to proceed with retention assessment of my child.


______________________________________________           ____________

Student’s Name                                                                                                   Grade


______________________________________________           ____________

Signature of Parent or Guardian                                                                         Date



Received by principal ______________________________________________          ____________

                                                            Signature of Principal                                                                              Date