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601.3.2AR - Curriculum Revision

601.3.2AR - Curriculum Revision

Adopted: July 2014

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1. Right to revise and adopt all curriculum

The School Board retains the right to revise and adopt all curriculum and courses of study provided to the students of the district.

2. Curriculum Revision Process

Teachers, team leaders, school administrators or Teaching and Learning coordinators wanting to add, replicate, drop, restructure a course; or to change a course title, may submit their proposal to their middle school or high school principal or to the Director of Teaching and Learning.

2.1 Proposals should include the following:

2.1.1 Name of school making the proposal;

2.1.2 Suggested name for the proposed course;

2.1.3 Grade level(s) affected by the proposed course;

2.1.4 Prerequisites required;

2.1.5 Name of the teacher or administrator making the proposal;

2.1.6 Desired results (established goals, understandings and essential questions);

2.1.7 Assessment evidence (performance tasks and other evidence);

2.1.8 Teaching and learning resources (technology, texts, software and supplemental materials), and

2.1.9 Rationale

2.2 Proposals will be reviewed by principals, Teaching and Learning staff and superintendent’s cabinet, and must be approved by the School Board.