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601.2.3AR - World's Best Workforce Report

601.2.3AR - World's Best Workforce Report

Adopted: July 1993
Revised: February 2016

Download 601.2.3AR - World's Best Workforce Report

1. Purpose and Definition

In accordance with the World’s Best Workforce requirements in Minnesota Statute 120B.11:

1.1 Minnesota schools are required to develop comprehensive goals and action plans to create the World’s Best Workforce, focused on the following:

1.1.1 Meeting school readiness goals;

1.1.2 All third-grade students achieving grade-level literacy;

1.1.3 Closing the academic achievement gap among all racial, ethnic and  socio-economic groups of students;

1.1.4 All students attaining career and college readiness before graduating from high school, and

1.1.5 All students graduating from high school.

1.2 “World’s Best Workforce - Our Learning Plan” is a comprehensive website for reporting student achievement goals and results, in addition to explaining strategic work to improve curriculum, instruction and student achievement in District 196.

2. Content

In accordance with the World’s Best Workforce requirements in Minnesota Statute 120B.11, the “World’s Best Workforce - Our Learning Plan” includes the following:

2.1 Clearly defined district and school site goals and benchmarks for instruction and student achievement for all identified student subgroups;

2.2 A process for assessing and evaluating each students’ progress toward meeting state and local academic standards and identifying the strengths and weaknesses in instruction in pursuit of student and school success and curriculum affecting students’ progress and growth toward career and college readiness and leading to the world’s best workforce;

2.3 A system to periodically review and evaluate the effectiveness of all instruction and curriculum, taking into account strategies and best practices, student outcomes, and principal and teacher evaluations;

2.4 Strategies for improving instruction, curriculum and student achievement;

2.5 Education effectiveness practices that integrate high-quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, technology and a collaborative professional culture that develops and supports teacher quality, performance and effectiveness, and

2.6 An annual budget for continuing to implement the district plan.

3. Community involvement

The District 196 Curriculum, Instruction and Advisory Council provides input on the content and recommends adoption to the School Board of the “World’s Best Workforce - Our Learning Plan.”

4. Adoption

The School Board shall annually approve both the “World’s Best Workforce - Our Learning Plan,” the content of which is defined in section 2 above and is available on the district website, and the World’s Best Workforce summary report that will be submitted electronically to the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education.


  • Minnesota Statute 120B.11, School district process for reviewing curriculum, instruction, and student achievement; Striving for the world’s best workforce