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506AR - Releasing Students from School

506AR - Releasing Students from School

Adopted: February 1977
Revised: October 2007

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1. Student Release During the Instructional Day

A school may release a student to the student’s parent, guardian or other person authorized by the parent or guardian, in accordance with the procedures outlined in this regulation.

1.1 Schools reserve the right to verify the identity of people picking up students.

1.2 Parents, guardians and other authorized persons shall be informed of these release procedures by the school.

2. Elementary and Middle School Students

When a parent, guardian or other authorized person comes to pick up a student during the instructional day, he or she shall come to the school office to “sign out” the student or provide a written notice to the school.

2.1 The “sign out” or written notice shall include the date and time of release, the student’s name, and the signature of the parent, guardian or other authorized person.

2.2 If an elementary or middle school student will be picked up regularly during the year for a specific purpose, one sign-out note will be sufficient for the entire year.

3. High School Students

A high school student must be given permission by a school official to leave during the instructional day.

4. Release of Students from Cocurricular Activities

Parents or guardians of students may pick up their student from a cocurricular event if the parent or guardian has completed District Procedure 604.1.2P, Release of Liability For Student Transportation To or From Cocurricular Activities, and submitted it to the student’s coach or advisor and the principal’s office within 24 hours before the event. (See District Regulation 604.1.2AR, Cocurricular Transportation for more details.)

5. Custodial and Non-custodial Parents

A school shall refuse to release a student to a non-custodial parent or other person when there is a court-ordered settlement on file that clearly limits the custody or visitation rights of that particular person. The custodial parent is responsible for informing the school about any legal restrictions on custody or visitation.

5.1 A school may delay the release of a student to a non-custodial parent or other person in order to communicate with the custodial parent regarding release of the student.

5.2 If neither parent can produce a legal document, release may be made to either parent.

5.3 In the case of joint custodial agreements, the student may be released to either parent when a court order does not clearly limit access to the student.


  • Minnesota Statute 518.17, Custody and Support of Children on Judgment
  • Minnesota Statute 518.175, Parenting Time