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505.2.4AR - Release of Directory Information

505.2.4AR - Release of Directory Information

Adopted: February 1987
Revised: June 2023

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1. Release of Directory Information, District Level

1.1 Directory information, as defined in District Administrative Regulation
505.2AR, Protection and Privacy of Student Records, shall be released to
requesting parties per the authority in Minnesota Statute 13.32 and 20 U.S.C.

1.2 Only student names and other data specified in the public notice are
authorized for release as directory information.

1.2.1 Members of the public requesting lists of directory information shall submit a written request (using District Procedure 505.2.4P, Request for Lists of Directory Information, available online, at schools or the District Office) to Student Information with a prepaid fee as determined in District Procedure 505.2.4P, Requests for Lists of Directory Information.

1.2.2 Information released shall be in the form of lists of students in kindergarten-grade 12, by grade level; lists of high school seniors, juniors, sophomores and/or freshmen, by school or districtwide.

1.3 Fees charged to people or organizations requesting lists will reflect the actual cost of production, including a base cost for clerical and administrative costs. Fees are determined by using the cost figures in District Procedure 505.2.4P, Requests for Lists of Directory Information.

1.4 Any alteration of the lists is not permitted.

2. Release of Directory Information, School Level

2.1 Release of directory information on individuals or small groups of students
is authorized at the school level. School administrators or their designees
are authorized to release such data for the following purposes:

2.1.1 News releases;

2.1.2 School student directories or individual class directories released to
staff or families on the list (fees may be charged, not to exceed the
cost of production);

2.1.3 School yearbooks;

2.1.4 Programs for athletic contests or cocurricular activities;

2.1.5 Theater activities;

2.1.6 Lists of graduation classes for class reunions or senior parties;

2.1.7 Lists of students on A and B honor roll;

2.1.8 Other analogous school-sponsored activities for which student name
and other directory information data is listed and available to the
public, and

2.1.9 Other situations deemed appropriate by the principal.

2.2 In all cases, charges to the public shall not exceed the cost of production.

3. Denial of Release of Directory Information

3.1. Student Information will annually provide each principal/program
coordinator with a list of names of students for whom release of some or all
directory information has been denied.

3.2 The principal, program coordinator or designee shall be responsible for
preventing the release of names and/or other data that have been denied
release, thus preventing its publication or circulation.


  • Minnesota Statute Ch. 13 (Minnesota Government Data Practices Act) 20 U.S.C. Section 1232g et seq. (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)