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505 - Student Records

505 - Student Records

Adopted: August 1978
Revised: April 2015

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1. Data privacy

Pursuant to the provisions of Minnesota Statute 13.05, subdivision 3, as amended, the superintendent is appointed responsible authority for data privacy for District 196. The superintendent is authorized to take all actions necessary to assure that all data privacy programs, administrative procedures and forms used within District 196 are administered in compliance with the provisions of Minnesota Statute 13.05, as amended, and with rules as lawfully promulgated by the Commissioner of Administration.

2. Protection and Privacy

2.1 The board acknowledges the students’, parents’, related other agencies’ and licensed personnel’s “right to know” the recorded information in circumstances where there is a need to know as determined by the licensed staff. The development of regulations
and guidelines governing the collection and dissemination of student records is the responsibility of the superintendent or her/his designee. 

2.2 The superintendent may provide anonymous data from the district records for outside research purposes without consent, if the likelihood of identifying any individual because of her/his unique characteristics is negligible. 

2.3 Pursuant to state and federal law, the district takes appropriate security safeguards for all records containing data on individuals to ensure that data that are not public are only accessible to persons whose work assignment reasonably require access to the data or who are otherwise permitted access to the data by law. Any breach of data security will be handled in accordance with Minnesota Statue 13.055. 

3. Public Notice

Public notice of administration of student data will be published in accordance with state statute and federal law.


  • Minnesota Statute 13.05, Duties of responsible authority
  • Minnesota Statute 13.055, Disclosure of breach in security; notification and investigation report required
  • 20 U.S.C. 1232g et seq., Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)