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503.8.1P - Summary of Bullying Prohibition

503.8.1P - Summary of Bullying Prohibition

Adopted:  August 2014
Revised:  August 2023

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Students have the right to be safe and free from threatening situations on school property, at school activities and in district vehicles. Bullying interferes with students’ ability to learn and teachers’ ability to educate students in a safe environment. To the extent bullying affects the educational environment of the schools, it is the school district’s intent to prevent bullying from occurring, and to investigate and respond to bullying that has not been prevented.

Bullying is defined as intimidating, threatening, abusive or harming conduct that is objectively offensive and there is an actual or perceived imbalance of power between the student engaging in prohibited conduct and the target of the behavior and the conduct is repeated or forms a pattern; or materially and substantially interferes with a student’s educational opportunities or performance or ability to participate in school functions or activities or receive school benefits, services or privileges.

Bullying includes cyberbullying, which is defined as using technology or other electronic communication, including, but not limited to, a transfer of a sign, signal, writing, image, sound or data, including a post on a social network Internet website or forum, transmitted through a computer, cell phone or other electronic device.

Bullying also includes sexual exploitation and malicious and sadistic conduct. Malicious and sadistic conduct involving race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, marital status, status with regard to public assistance, disability, religion, sexual harassment, and sexual orientation and gender identity is prohibited. Malicious and sadistic conduct means creating a hostile learning environment by acting with the intent to cause harm by intentionally injuring another without just cause or reason or engaging in extreme or excessive cruelty or delighting in cruelty.

Bullying behavior should be reported to a staff member. More information about the district’s processes for reporting and responding to bullying behavior can be found on the district website or can be obtained from your school principal or program coordinator or the official designated below.



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For Administrative Regulation 503.8AR, Bullying Prohibition, go to

For District Procedure 503.8P, Report of Bullying Behavior, go to

In accordance with the law this summary of the District 196 regulation on bullying prohibition must be posted throughout each school and in the administrative offices of each school and the school district.