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503.3.3P - Mental Health Screening After Ten (10) Removals

503.3.3P - Mental Health Screening After Ten (10) Removals

Adopted: February 2005
Revised:  August 2016



Dear Parent/Guardian,

     Your child, (name), has now been removed from school more than 10 days this year. Once a student has been removed for more than 10 days, Minnesota state law requires the school district to attempt to convene a meeting with the student’s parents or guardians to discuss whether the student has a need for assessment or other services and to discuss the arrangement of a mental health screening with the permission of the parent or guardian. We agreed to meet on (date) for this purpose.

     Under the law the school district is obligated to offer our assistance in arranging for the mental health screening for your child, but not to pay for the assessment unless it is part of an assessment for special education purposes. The following are possible sources for a mental health screening:

  1. Your insurance company can provide you with a list of covered providers in the area.
  2. School staff can help you complete the “Pediatric Symptom Checklist.”
  3. A mental health screening may be completed as part of a special education referral if you or school staff feels that a special education referral is appropriate. Please note that many students who have been removed from school for more than 10 days do not need a special education assessment or services.
  4. If the child is involved in the Dakota County juvenile justice system, a mental health screening may be available through the county. We can discuss these and other options at our upcoming meeting. Please note that you are not required to give permission for a mental health screening. This is just one option to be considered because a mental health screening may not be appropriate for all students. I look forward to collaborating with you to support your child’s school success.



Principal, School

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