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502.4.2AR - Student Transfers: State Graduation Incentives Program

502.4.2AR - Student Transfers: State Graduation Incentives Program

Adopted: February 1988
Revised: April 2009

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1. Authorization

The superintendent designates the authority to approve or deny transfers to the directors of elementary education (for students in grades k-5), secondary education (for students in grades 6-12) and special education (for students in centerbased special education programs).

2. Criteria

The following students may apply to attend school and/or programs in District 196 through the state graduation incentives program:

2.1 Any student under the age of 21 or who is 21, but has not yet aged out pursuant to 120A.20, subd. 1(c), and who:

2.1.1 Performs substantially below the performance level for students of the same age in an achievement test determined by District 196; or

2.1.2 Is at least one year behind in obtaining credits for graduation or in satisfactorily completing coursework; or

2.1.3 Is pregnant or is a parent; or

2.1.4 Has been assessed as chemically dependent; or

2.1.5 Has been excluded or expelled in accordance with the Pupil Fair Dismissal Act; or

2.1.6 Has been referred by a school district for enrollment in an eligible program or an alternative program as described in Minnesota Statute 124D.68; or

2.1.7 Is a victim of physical or sexual abuse; or

2.1.8 Has experienced mental health problems; or

2.1.9 Has experienced homelessness sometime within six months before requesting transfer to an eligible program; or

2.1.10 Speaks English as a second language or has limited English proficiency; or

2.1.11 Has withdrawn from school or has been chronically truant, or

2.1.12 Is receiving treatment at a hospital (or is the sibling of someone being treated) within the seven-county metropolitan area for a life-threatening illness and resides with the pupil’s family at least 60 miles beyond the outside boundary of the seven-county metropolitan area.

3. Application Process

The request for transfer shall be made by the student’s parent or guardian or the adult student (age 18 or older) using Procedure 502.4.1P, Application to Participate in the State Enrollment Options Program and submitting the completed form to the student information supervisor. There is no need for approval of the request by the student's district of residence.

4. Duration and Timing

Transfers will be effective at the beginning of a new grading period.


  • Minnesota Statutes 121A.40-121A.56, Pupil Fair Dismissal Act
  • Minnesota Statute 124D.68, Graduation Incentives Program