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502.4.1AR - Student Transfers: State Enrollment Options Program

502.4.1AR - Student Transfers: State Enrollment Options Program

Adopted: December 1977
Revised: June 2016

Download 502.4.1AR - Student Transfers: State Enrollment Options Program

1. Authorization

The superintendent designates the authority to approve or deny transfers to the directors of elementary education (for students in grades k-5), secondary education (for students in grades 6-12) and special education (for students in center-based special education programs).

2. Criteria

Parents, guardians or adult students age 18 or older who are not residents of District 196 may apply for student enrollment in District 196 through the state enrollment options program.

3. Application Process

3.1 To initiate a transfer request, the student's parent or guardian, or the adult student, shall complete Procedure 502.4.1P, State Enrollment Options Form Program and send to Student Information Supervisor, Independent School District 196, 3455 153rd Street West, Rosemount, MN 55068. (Applicants are strongly encouraged to request the school and/or program they wish to attend on the application form. If more than one is acceptable, the applicant should list the schools and/or programs in order of preference.)

3.2 The number of nonresident students accepted for enrollment in the district may be limited to a number not less than the lesser of: 1) one percent of the total enrollment at each grade level in the district; or 2) the number of district residents at that grade level enrolled in a nonresident district under the Enrollment Options Program. If the School Board limits enrollment in this manner, they must take action on an annual basis, before January 1 of each year.

3.3 If the district receives more applications than available openings at a specific grade level, a random selection must be held following the January 15 deadline to determine which students will receive seats with priority given to siblings, applicants related to an approved integration and achievement plan, and children of district staff members.

3.4 Applications for students to transfer at grade levels at which space is available will be approved or denied by the appropriate director or designee using the following process:

3.4.1 When the number of applicants requesting a particular school with available space is the same or fewer than the number of available spaces at that school, all applicants will be accepted.

3.4.2 When the number of applicants requesting a particular school is more than the number of available spaces at that school, applicants to be accepted will be chosen by random selection

3.4.3 Applicants who request schools with no space available or who are not chosen in the lot referred to in 3.4.2 above, will be given the opportunity to request to transfer to a school with space available. Applications from people who change their request to a school with available space will be accepted or denied based on the process outlined in 3.4.1 and 3.4.2 above.

4. Duration and Timing

Students who enter the district through the state enrollment options program shall be permitted to remain in the district through grade 12; however, when changing levels (i.e. elementary to middle or middle to high) placement is determined by space availability.


  • Minnesota Statute 124D.03, Enrollment Options Program