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501.6AR - International Exchange Students

501.6AR - International Exchange Students

Adopted: September 1980
Revised: November 2002

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1. International Exchange Students

1.1 International exchange students are students who enter the country on a J-1 visa and who come under the sponsorship of an organization that specializes in student exchange activities. Such students reside with a sponsor family chosen by the international exchange organization. 

1.2 District 196 will accept students who are participating in not-for-profit exchange programs that are included in the advisory list of
International Educational Travel and Exchange Programs published by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel.

1.3 The student's host family is asked to contact the school in advance to make arrangements and must complete District Procedure 501.6P, Affidavit by International Exchange Student Host/Sponsoring Family, to enroll the student.

2. International Students

International students are students who enter the country on their own initiative on an F-1 visa and have arranged to reside with District 196 families (often relatives or friends). They require a school official to complete the I-20 form from the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service.

3. General Requirements

3.1 International exchange students and international students are subject to all of the requirements pertaining to resident students, including those in the district "Student Rights and Responsibilities" handbook, and other applicable state and federal regulations.

3.2 International exchange students must have English proficiency skills at a level that will not require support services. The district will not normally provide English-as-a-second language services to these students.