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501 - Admission to School

501 - Admission to School

Adopted: December 1976
Revised: September 2020

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1. School Attendance Areas

1.1 School attendance areas are established by the School Board, and any modifications or alterations in attendance areas will be approved by the School Board.

1.2 Each student will attend the designated school for his or her grade level and residence unless the student has received approval to transfer to another school as described in Policy 502, Student Transfers.

2. Entrance Age

2.1 The administration may establish early admission regulations and procedures.

2.2 The administration shall establish regulations regarding admission to school, including entrance age and the age when a free public education shall be terminated other than normal graduation.

3. Early Childhood Health and Developmental Screening

A health and developmental screening examination is required by state law for all children no later than 30 days after a child is enrolled in kindergarten or first grade in a public school.

3.1 District 196 will notify parents of children who are three years old and older who have not entered kindergarten or first grade in a public school about the state law and the district’s screening program.

3.2 No later than 30 days after the child’s first day of school in kindergarten or first grade, the child’s parent or guardian must present one of the two following documents to the school:

3.2.1 Proof of screening, or

3.2.2 A statement signed by the child’s parent or guardian that the child has not been screened because of conscientiously held beliefs of the parent or guardian.

4. Proof of Age and Legal Name

Establishing and maintaining accurate records is important in ensuring a student receives credit for grades and achievements earned throughout their school career in District 196 or when transferring to another school district. Therefore, a copy of a record verifying age and name shall be presented upon enrollment. Acceptable records may include, passport, hospital birth record or physician’s certificate, a baptismal or religious certificate, an adoption record, health records, immunization records, immigration records, previously verified school records, early childhood screening records, Minnesota Immunization Information Connection records, or an affidavit from a parent. Any future name changes or corrections will require legal documentation.

5. Physical Examination and Health Record

Parents are strongly urged to have their child receive a complete physical examination within the 12 months before entering school. A permanent health record must be completed and kept on file for each student.

6. Immunization

Students are required to be in compliance with the state immunization law. Students who do not comply with the law will be excluded from school.

7. International Exchange Students

7.1 The School Board recognizes the value of having students from other nations in district schools, and will accept such students in accordance with regulations developed by the administration.

7.2 International exchange students are subject to the same federal, state and district rules and regulations that apply to other district students.

8. Homeless Students

8.1 Federal law defines homeless children and youth as individuals who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence.

8.2 District 196 shall provide programs and services to homeless students, as defined in federal law, including in the areas of educational stability, immediate school access and homeless liaison.


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