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407.2AR - Employees Consulting and Outside Employment

407.2AR - Employees Consulting and Outside Employment

Adopted: December 1983
Revised: October 2016

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1. Consulting on Personal Time

District 196 employees may utilize approved vacation or other free time to perform consultant work. When doing so, they may exercise their own judgment with regard to the appropriateness of stipend and expense generation. In such case, the employee shall be responsible for the entire financial arrangement, and District 196 will not assume any involvement in the economic transaction. District 196 employees may not use District 196 materials and resources for private consulting work or outside employment without the permission of their supervisor. District 196 employees may not use District 196 time to engage in private consulting or outside employment.

2. Consulting on District Time

District 196 employees may, with the approval of their immediate supervisor, perform consultant services under the auspices of the district. When such arrangements are made, the process described below will be followed:

2.1 All expenses shall be documented and submitted to District 196 for billing to the consultant employer.

2.2 A stipend based on the per diem salary of the employee, plus any substitute costs incurred by the district in the employee’s absence, shall be paid to District 196 by the consultant employer. The employee shall not accept pay directly from the consultant employer for consulting on District 196 time.

2.3 The employee shall not be charged vacation or personal leave days.

2.4 The employee is expected to represent the district in a manner similar to that which would be expected if the employee were actually working in his or her position in District 196.  

3. Employee Consulting

Any employee consulting shall also comply with Administrative Regulation 407.5AR, Conflict of Interest.